Friday, August 19, 2011

Gooly makes Lolly laugh

Her face lights up the moment she sees her brother. She gives a high pitch shriek to show her pleasure and excitement.

Despite me being the one attending to her hunger pangs all the time, it is not I who is her utmost favourite person in the world. This is a very serious offence of "kacang lupakan kulit."

Anyways..Gooly does this silly,simple monstrous ravenous UHM UHM UHM sound and it tickles her without fail - all the freaking time! I admit that I tried to copy the sound, but she just looked at me blankly which clearly says, "Mom? Hello? Save it!"

I had to ask Gooly how.

"You have to do it high pitch, and then low pitch. And fast. But not too fast."

Uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm.

No response.

And he did it..

And here is the video.

Darn. How hard is it to make an UHM sound? I make that sound when I eat all the time. Geesh..


Anonymous said...

lol. so sweet. when lolly grows up and see this, she will love gooly even more. ..and you too lah. knew you were going to ask.

Gargles said...

u sure it's that face? i think it's 'more like "mom? pls dun make me throw up yesterday's brekkie, lunch and dinner, pls?" face!

(pinjam play lolly 1 ha, dun be so selfish leh)

reanaclaire said...

Makes me miss my "babies" days...

i think kids can kau toong among themselves.. we adults dont know one.. lets just step aside and learn..

goolypop said...

Tuti, I was gonna ask, wats for lunch

Gargles, just say milk la...yesterday today tomoro brekkie lunch dinner supper is all milk ok??


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