Monday, June 13, 2011

I use Babelfish

There were a few times that Lolly awoke and started calling out for attention. She didn't do it the conventional way - through crying. No, no, no. Crying is so not her style.

She would just shriek in her high pitch voice. Sometimes it sounds like she's singing a tune even. But sometimes of course, it sounded like she was just screaming her lungs off ala Banshee (in X-men). With No Tears.

And I would magically appear before her, saying, "Voila, your most favourite person who is on call 24/7 pops right in front of you whenever you shout. Chak!"

And she in turn, flashes the most adorable smile.


Truth be told, I do feel heroic. You know, it's like she calls for help, and I appear, and she breathes a sigh of relief (Phew! Mom! I'm so glad you are here!) and she smiles. Happy ending.

Sometimes I use Babelfish to translate her babbles , I imagine our 'conversations'.

She: Weeekkkkk! Wwwweeek! (Mom! Mom!)
Me: Yes.... Super hero here!
She: *smiles* Anggu....angueee... (Where did you go, Mom! I felt so alone!)
Me: There there there.. everything's ok now. Mommy is here.
She: *smiles wider* Gee, Mom.. you look great in your super-hero outfit!
Me: You do have an eye for fashion....Just like me...*wink*
She: Whatever~ I'm going back to sleep now. See you in a while. You better be here when I open my eyes!
Me: Yes, Your Highness.

Another happy ending.

Actually, that did happen (minus the silly translation). She shouted, and I appeared. She then smiled, and dozed off to sleep again. I do feel so wanted and needed. By my life size doll.

Seriously (like I can ever be! Teehee!) I do think both of us have pre-installed antennas.Right at our navels (aka goolypop). That device that makes us so connected. When she sees me, her face lights up a million watt. And the words, MOM IS MY FAVOURITE MILK SUPPLIER clearly appear in neon lights.

But my mom begs to differ. She says her face lights up just as much even when she is looking at the ceiling fan.

Pffttt... Well, at least she is a happy lark. :)


tuti said...

she IS adorable.
send kisses her way, and to gooly too.

tuti said...

i sayang your ahbu. i mean YOURS haha.

Gargles said...

your mom is so right. think think ha.. you look a little bit like a ceiling fan also...

(heart that big smile - made me smiled too)

Looking for a Car? said...

nice post
she is cute

Mamapumpkin said...


Malaysia Largest Car Classified said...

nice blog!

goolypop said...

tuti, u means YOUR WAN?? haha.

Gargles, omg..u have seen my super hero costume - the one with propeller on my my breasts...

Err, whoever u are, I hate to disappoint you, but I'm looking for a rocket nope, not looking for a car.

Mmpk, *cover ears* I KNOW!!!! *grin*


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