Saturday, June 18, 2011

The 80s shop

Today we went to a shop which supposedly sells clothes from Korea and japan at very cheap prices. As usual, when there is a bargain to be found, it has to be hidden at some obscure places. We found it, nonetheless, climbed up a flight of stairs and to our disappointment saw clothes that befit Queen Elizabeth and well, maybe Anita Mui.

We giggled ourselves silly pointing out the gaudy purple dress with shoulder pads the size of my padded bra, which I assure you, ahem, is gargantuan. But we sensitively turned off our giggly mode when the old lady who runs the shop was nearby lest she be offended. She enthusiastically showed us around suggesting certain styles for us. My friend even politely obliged to try on a tweed skirt, which I must say will look kinda cute with argyle knee length socks. But only if you are 18. And stay in London.

We hung around a little longer cos we just didn't want to offend the sweet old lady. As we left, I even lied that I will tell my friends about her place. My friend chipped in that we'd love to stay longer to slowly browse through her stocks but not today. Another day, alright?

Some people call it vintage.

But sorry, it was just plain old fashion to us.

We went back into the car, and kicked our friend's ass for bringing us to such a fruitless place. It was a fun girls day out. Sans the kids. Just like the old times.

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