Sunday, January 16, 2011

Up yours, Remy!

"Remy said my colouring is ugly.."

Knnccb Doremi!

That was my first thought. Oooh...I remember that spectacled...cocky... Hmmph!

I told Gooly a few stuff... that who the hell is Doremi to judge no one should judge something as abstract and subjective as art.

...and also who cares if he can't paint or colour like Picasso? I love him just the way he is.

... and there are loads of other stuff that he is good at.. such as making friends..and reading.. and loving me and Lolly.

And then in a hush hush voice, I told him that I am pretty bad in art.

"When I draw a coconut, it looks like a durian.." I smacked my forehead.

His smile widened.

Then he said, "It's ok, Mom. I will help you draw a coconut next time.."

And then he let out a laugh..."But it will also look like a durian!"

Haha.. How we both laughed ourselves silly!

Gooly, I really don't care if you can't draw or paint or color as well as others. I bet Doremi doesn't have your sense of humour.

Now that's a shame!


Mamapumpkin said...

Ya! Ya! Nobody has a sense of humour like Gooly! Who is this Remy? Let's go beat him up.

Gargles said...

when you draw a durian, it looks like coconut?

reanaclaire said...

I can draw neither... i failed in ART!!

Anonymous said...

..and english.

Small Kucing said... art lousy too

tuti said...

my art good.
*feels proud*

dr sinkaringam said...

this is my best masterpiece of a horse..

goolypop said...

Mp, I sure can depend on u to beat up smart alecs, eh?

Gargles, when I draw coconut it looks like bikini.

Claire, bola badminton can draw?

Anon, n English?

Sk, art lousy no laughing matter ok... Go art class now!

Tuti, can I beat u up? N then saying balik?

Dr, but that's a ular sawa padang jawa..


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