Wednesday, January 5, 2011

School thus far

I have never liked I hate it even more.

Gooly is all smiles when he wakes. He dons on his uniform happily. He goes into the car willingly. He reaches school still smiling.

Only when he sees the maddening crowd at the hall...all 1,000 plus of them...that his lips quiver a bit.

It's daunting, I assure you. A puny 6 year old in a gargantuan hall with what seems like a thousand refugees.

On the first day, I told him that Lolly was hungry..he asked me to go with a very sad face.

I hated leaving him.

On the second day, it poured like mad with flashes of lightning and 'kabooms' of thunder. I was worried sick. "Is he alright?" My heart pounded.

I hated not being there for him.

On the third day, he said, "I forced myself not to think of you. I didn't want to look for you. I just looked the other side."

I was sad that he was forced to grow up.

He asked me not to bid goodbye - that I should leave steathily and sneakily because it pained him to see me walk away.

Oh, it pains me too, Gooly. A thousand times more.

I wonder if I should have kept him in Kindie..with me for another year.

I miss him. I feel like the bitch school has robbed 6 hours of his daily life with me. *psycho music*

I wonder - what's the hurry... what's the hurry...what's the hurry, man?


tuti said...

give him a .. dunnowat lah, something like a locket, can hold in heart, and that is you lor. so he can hold and grasp and know you have not walked away and always there with him, in his heart.
ahyoooo why he so sentimental? like you!!

*in a small voice... me too.*

goolypop said...

omjots...u r so like me.. The locket trick was my trick last year at kindie leh.. Hehe. But now in primary, kenot bring accesories like iphone ipad iberry and locket worr...


Another 7yo too said...

Yaman! School shud starts at age 21.

Gooly, khau saai nei la, future Education Minister!


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