Thursday, January 27, 2011

My friend at school

It all started one day when Gooly was kungfu fighting with his cousin at the school compound.. a girl with two pony tails said sternly, "Don't fight....!"

"Oh, it's ok, girl.. they are just playing," I explained. And a friendly conversation ensued. I found out her name, and that she is in the same class as Gooly.

The next day, I waved at Gooly from the gate (that separates prison and world.) She waved back at me enthusiastically. Oh so cute.

The third day, she ran up to the gate and said, "Hello, lenglui auntie." From then onwards, it was always a smile, a wave or a hello from her. In return, I always pat her head or sayang her face.

I came to realise that she is fiercely independent, wisely mature and awfully street smart- something that Gooly can learn.

Yesterday, as the bell rang..I saw her coming out from the class room, one hand pulling her bag, the other holding a piece of paper and a pencil. She looked like she was looking for someone - her auntie van I pressumed. Then she caught my eyes..and quickly ran towards me. She handed me her gnawed pencil.. and asked politely for my autograph telephone number.

I have no idea why she would want that. Perhaps, she told her parents about me, and they asked for it, just to check out the lenglui, psycho auntie whom their daughter spoke about so often.

But the look on her face told me that she has been thinking of me.. otherwise, she wouldn't have bothered to remember to hold a (gnawed - it was so badly chewed! Lol!) pencil and paper. You know, it's like right before the school bell rings, some kids mind went to "Buy ice cream buy ice cream" mode..and hers, must have been like, "Get auntie's number...Get auntie's number.."

I felt wanted by this kid. I think she likes me. I like her too. Me is surrounded by little angels. Me is happies..

Do you pay attention to other kids in school? Hey, it's not just your kid in this world you know....Open your eyes and ears... you may see little wings, sweet voices.. (or tails and horns..your luck!)


Gargles said...

she wanna play barbie doll with your bblui when she's out.

omaikot said...

u reminds her of her grandma..


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