Friday, November 11, 2011

Saying the right stuff

The other day, gooly in the heat of anger, got into a dispute with his cuz. And it involved a flying chicken leg kick.

I reprimanded him, told him that he should never never strike another. I was ready to hurl a barrage of words. And i began with, "You are bigger size than him..imagine..would you like it if someone does that to mei mei? (his precious)"

And he solemnly said, "I should have used my brain to think first!"

Me: Yaaaaa...(oei? This is not what i expected. If he had gotten all defensive, I would have dished out my "long winded speech" about why, how he shouldn't get in a fight.

And then he continued: "I was a bad example...."

Me: Yaaaa.... (oei? So matured one??)

And finally, "I'm sorry, mom. I wont do it again.."

Me: Ok..

And that was the end of my uhm...lecture. I wont even classify it as a lecture. It was a lot of monosylabic words like, "yaaaa" and "ok". But seriously, what else could i have said? He has summed up everything pretty well.

However, at the point of my last "ok", i wondered if he had learned the skill of winning an 'argument' with mom, which is - do not argue. If he had been brash or argumentative about it, he would have to face the guillotine. And now he walks away free..with just a promise of never do it again.

Pretty smooth, I must say.

Will see if he's really remorseful.

Or he is just a sweet talker, saying the right thing at the right time to save his ass.

Ahh.. I can see my genes in him now.


Gargles said...

You didn't prepare a script for him first meh? *slap forehead* don't do that again, ok? Oei?

Anonymous said...

lol. i know what you mean.

goolypop said...

Gg, wat script? The one u use all the time..what "if undo that again, i sell u to the zoo..." that one?

Tuti, u do? U also gemini? Hehe

nivnivhandmade said...

WOW!! So mature one! So guai :-D You must be so proud of him; I would too :-D


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