Saturday, November 26, 2011

The little pumpkin amongst other names

Sometimes we call her pumpkin cos her face resembles one.

Or 'little bear' when we imprison her in her cot. If you are highly imaginative, imagine a "NO FEEDING" sign around her neck. Her tiny feet stick out in between the bars. It's really cute.

Gooly calls her Girl-Girl. We dont'.I dont know where he got the idea from. "Girl-girl, whats the matter?" "Girl, whats wrong?" it's really endearing.

She likes sticking out her tongue..i dont know, perhaps to test the weather. Its so cheeky.

And then theres this "tsk tsk tsk tsk" sound that she makes as she cruises along.

Sometimes she drives us nuts with her screaming. We call her "kunglung" or monster then.

And when she crawls real fast to destruct something..we yell, "The monster truck is coming!!"

But i never get tired looking at her face. Its between silly, cute, forlorn, boyish, girlish, pretty, cheeky, troll-like (in a super cute way) and very often, omai-just-like-gooly. With a tooth sprouting, she looks different...a whole new face to stare at. And thats a face i wanna kiss all the

And bite.


Anonymous said...

kunglung mummy is cute too.
i wanna bite her cheeks. :P

Mamapumpkin said...

Eh, can join our Pumpkin gang soon, yo!


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