Thursday, November 24, 2011


I'm not smiling much these day.

I bark at children, mine and theirs.

I'm tired but the moment i hit the pillow, lolly wakes.

I feel like i NEED to buy a bag when i just got one two weeks back *major crazy siren blaring*

I want to hang out with friends but my kids need me.

I dont want to babysit my nephew anymore because he keeps making fun of my underwear.

~transmission ends


Gargles said...

i poslaju you an airticket to an exotic faraway island, just you and me. go, dun say don't go, ok? pat kin pat san...

goolypop said...

U want only want to show off your bag only..i know wan..

Anonymous said...

i could show you my underwear. and you wouldn't feel so bad about yours.


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