Monday, November 21, 2011

Lolly almost 8

Ok, last two weeks, she began to crawl forward. It was clumsy (as opposed to 'crawlsome!' ) that she didnt qualify for an imaginary Crawling Contest 2011.

She wasnt sitting also. Well, she does sit on the high she IS sitting technically. its just that she doesnlt like sitting on her own on the floor watching the world go by. The moment she hits the floor, she zig zags across the room dragging her heavy bum along in a comical way.

So, I'd say...she wasnt a profesional crawler or a sitter...BUT!

She wanted to stand and cruise!

I saw beads of sweat on her head as she kept trying the daunting tasks of pulling herself up and making steps sideways along her crib. I was rolling my eyes and telling her, "Slow it down! Back to the basics-lah! Sit, crawl, stand, that order please."

But like all little girls with a streak of my genes...she refused to listen. She practised cruising so much that by evening, she was letting go of one hand (Look ma, no hands!), and smiling gleefully.

As of today, she can pull herself up with ease - knees no more wobbly, and cruises along smoothly.#i told you so, mom

And oh, a white cap emerged at the lower gum. I can just imagine her looking even cuter with a toothy grin. She is a buttony cute bub if she doesnt scream that loud. Actually many still think she's adorable {my mom, the president of her fan club, for one } and all when she lets out loud, really mega loud shrieks. i have zero tolerance towards loud decibles of sounds. I have delicate ears. So imagine my horrors when my baby...MY BABY (ops sorry, didnt mean to shout) started screaming at a restaurant. She wasnt exactly fussing so there was nothing i could do to pacify her. She was just using her vocal cord to the max. It was cute at the beginning, and then it got louder and louder that a glass could break if i didnt take her out! Oh my! I shudder in fear now if you were to invite me for makan and nonchalantly ask, "Bring baby alonglah..i want to see her lah...."(i do get those invites pretty often). "Its me or her, you choose," i'd say. And they would choose her but of

As many moms with multiple kids say, each child is different. And i can so relate to that now #duh. So everything that lolly does that is different from how gooly did it, as far as my memory stretches, I find myself tilting my head a little in amusement and amazement. And sometimes with my mouth slightly agape, thinking.."Crap.. This is like being a new mom all over again!"

Oh Lolly...hic! I had to down yomeishu to survive motherhood this time round.Hic! Ah well...might as well..To Lolly, the loud baby who walks (or rather tries to) before she could crawl... Hic!

{The next time i write, i hope i dont begin with "Hi, my name is Jenny and i am an alchoholic *hi, jenny*}

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