Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ring! ring!

My mom calls everyday. Twice sometimes. In the evening she asks to speak to Gooly.i have stopped picking up the phone in the evenings cos its never for me.

Ok..I dont pick up calls anytime of the day mostly but thats another story.


"Why did nainai call?" I ask for the sake of talking.

"Lonely la. She got nothing to do. Call to chit chat lah" - gooly's reply.

Bless him. No matter how busy he is with his tv (evening after dinner is tv time) he'd answer her same old questions nicely and politely.

"What I eat for dinner ah? Rice lor. Mmm... got ah. Went to the park already. Now watching tv. Mei mei ah...also watching tv.."

And he would even reciprocate the questions.

"You leh? What you eat?"

So endearing. I love him for that. And I thank him for being nice to my mom *who seems to be spying on my motherly role*

And there were times that he called her if she hasnt. I have heard him telling her to drink more water because its a hot day.

I have asked my mom jokingly, "why you call him? So many things to talk ah?"

And guess what her answer is?

"Lonely la him. Call to chit chat with him lah"


Whoever is lonely doesn't matter. .as long as they keep each other in mind.

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