Tuesday, September 17, 2013

messages in snack boxes

I pack bentos for gooly to go to school. When I say bento, its really just some food in different compartments in a tupperware. Nothing fancy. Nothing sissy. Nothing that requires me to wake at 5am to make.

However I had inserted silly jokes in the boxes to surprise him. Really lame jokes I found over the internet. They are so lame that I cant wait till the 18sx ones are suitable for him. But then again, if he still gets notes from me in snack boxes at 18, it would be pretty awkward.


Whenever he got home,  id nudge and wink at him. "DID YOU GET THE JOKE HUH HUH HUH?" *jab jab his rib. And he mumbled something feeble like "yeah~" Ok...so maybe he found them lame too.

So I stopped lah. Searching and writing internet jokes.

And then one day he asked how come I stopped putting in those notes. He missed reading them.

Aha! It was not too lame afterall.

Co incidentally, I read about Sharpie pens. Thinking I could draw (magnificently) instead of writing jokes, I bought half dozen of those pens.

Dengan semangat berkobar kobar, I drew-lah and giggled and put inside his tupperware.

"Guess what's for lunch?" I drew a plate of awesome spaghetti along with a fork and spoon.

He came back and asked, "Are we having chicken drumstick for lunch?"


When I told him I was to serve him (awesome) spaghetti,  he laughed out loud at my drawing skill, or rather the lack of it.

And so I continue to draw him ugly drawings so he could chuckle during recess. Apparently they are quite a hit amongst his friends too. Who would have known..my drawings and notes to be worthy to a group of 8-9 year olds.

So Sharpies didnt help create awesome drawings.

But I created awesome memories for my boy. Stupid drawings from mom make school time more bearable. Especially if it contains hard clues on whats for lunch..

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