Monday, September 2, 2013

lolly at what..29 mths already?

You know what, lolly?

You are beautiful. I will tell you how so.

Your uneven eye lashes. They are cute and only visible when you lower your eyes or have them shut.

Your button nose. It's bulbous.  When you let out a laugh, it scrunches up. With some lines on the top bridge of your nose.

Your smile. Impish yet totally charming.

Your faint dimples at the corner of your mouth. Only noticeable at certain times only to dissappear when I want to look at them longer.

Your whispy hair. Soft. Hard to manage. Smelly at times. But when its tucked neatly behind your ears or clipped neatly, you look radiant.

Your skin. Soft and supple. Makes me wanna squeeze and sayang all the time. Boys dont have smooth skin like girls. Enuff said.

Your voice. Oh! When you talk with your child-like voice, it makes everyone use the shame tone cosh itch sho kiut.

The best thing in the world is to have you nestled in my arms, head buried under my chin,  your arms around my neck.

I love you. I tell you so today.

And oh..give up the chut chut already, wont ya?

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