Thursday, January 24, 2013

The impossible

I watched The Impossible alone the other day. It was a movie i knew i had to watch when i saw the trailer. A few reasons, one - it being a true story that happened in Thailand, and two- that it happened end 2004 when i was in hospital while waiting anxiously to hold Gooly in my arms. And the images of the big tidal waves that hit the shores were being repeated on tv. So to see those images again, it was smwhat a bitter sweet nostalgic feeling.

And number three reason would be i am a big sucker for tear jerkers. Maybe i dont cry much in real life. And i believe watching tear jerkers make crying less sissy more justified or acceptable. But thats can cry when you are chopping onions or constipated. I wont judge you.

So i needed my tear ducts cleaned..and so i went alone to the cinema, making sure it was not during prime hours..becuase i knew for sure, i was going to cry like a pig. No offence to the real pigs, or those of you bornin the year of the pig (yes you! The one in a condo with moths and stuff)or any chauvinistic pigs.

Anyways...what i wanted to tell today is how i thought the oldest boy, the star of the show resembled Gooly. Ok, in the movie, he helped his mom, rescued a little boy, and did other heroic stuff. No, im not sure if Gooly can actually save my life in a catastrophic scenerio, but i felt I could count on him to comfort me, like the boy did to his mother in the movie. The bond between the pair is the exact same one that gooly and i, the mother and son team share.

Also, when he spoke to a little boy whom he carried up onto a tree...the way he spoke was so much like Gooly. I cried so much that part.

Golly is really nice to Lolly. Of course there are times he couldnt stand her. I dont blame him cos she is such a diva, that one. But most of the time, he is really sweet. Because i want to remember this proud moment of how the gentle star-boy resembled gooly, i made it a point to remember what he said to lolly (and cousin) today.

Example 1: (stepping out of shower) Be careful, meimei. Its slippery. Do you want to hold my hand? No? Then you walk slowly...thats's your towel.

Example 2: (cousin fell and skinned a little on the shin) You fell down? Painful or not? Let me see..oh..just a bit-lah. Never mind. Later take some water to wash. You can still run?

There should be some more...and as i knew i would, i had forgotten. But these two examples..well iam sure, his identity as a sweet gentle lil boy is approved.

Go watch The Impossible, if you havent already.


tasy said...

now the siew yuk and chasiew are offended!

tasy said...

i just watched!! oh my poor eyes!! and tomorrow i have guests popping over, oh shit!

cepat, can do post mortem now.

p.s. that last part when it showed the torment she went through when the waves hit her.. omg! so painful to watch. *sob*


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