Saturday, January 19, 2013

Odds and ends

Havent been writing for a while. There should be some stuff that ought to be written. Lolly is taking a nap now. I should write away till she wakes or i myself bore me my soul (and possibly you) to sleep.

We officially moved to the new place. It has been almost a year since the place was done up, but we were just here and there since gooly was still in the old school. But now that he is transferred, so it is here that we are staying put.

It is a whole new world for the affected three - gooly, lolly and i. First its the morning rush to school by 7.10am. And then its cooking two and a half meals, which started off fairly well with 2-3 dishes, but now has dwindled down to one-pot meals.

When there is time, gooly continues reading - non text book materials. His knowledge on animals is so vast, i asked if he should make a career out of know, a zoo keeper or something. "A veterinarian" he suggested, cos he is not very fond of wild animals. But he is also afraid of domesticated dogs. It kinda puzzles me that one who is interested in animals is not fond of them. Does that make sense?

Meanwhile lolly continues to grow into a little tod with ponytails. Heh..thats if and when she allows me to tie them up. This cheekyboo loves to chatter. Bisoo busi buushoo bukiok - she says. Kidding..i dont think whatever that she says is phonectically possible. But she makes really cute sounds. Gooly talks to me, and she would touch my arm, and start yabbering away. I'd answer, "Really?" and she continues with her hard-to-spell words. It makes talking fun cos i just have to say, "uh-huh, and then, wow, ok" interchangibly. She is happy with those responses, thus far.

She also likes this silly games of "copying". Oh no..not the usual monkey see monkey do. The roles are reversed. She do, you copy. Sometimes i super layan cos it makes her smile so much. Other times, i do it cincai-ly. But she would correct me i.e like i didnt fold my thumb up properly as instructed.

Another mood-lifter game is to pretend i am really angry. She would come whisper tsubba tsubhi shibi..with a reallllllly cute face. And when a frown is turned upside down, she skips off happily. You can almost see the bubble speech of "yay" coming from her mouth.

Ok, i successfully killed my brian cells thinking of what i had missed writing the past month. And that makes me sleepy. And hungry. be continued.

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