Monday, January 21, 2013

Little notes on the table

Yesterday i left a note on Gooly's table:

Dear (insert glamourous name), my favourite boy in the universe,

I want to thank you for taking care of me yesterday when i was sick. I knew you closed the door when i was taking a nap so that the noise outside wont disturb me. How thoughful and nice of you.



Ps: have a great day at school.

Sometimes i am busy (peeling grapes). I forget to say thank you, or tot ell him that he has been a nice boy. Little notes like that help.

Later, i am gonna write another note. thank him again for switching off the tv at 8.15pm without being told, and went to bed with no fuss. He completed his homework with minimal supervision. He ate lettuces.

He is nice to my parents. He chit chats with them, making them laugh all the time.

He loves his little sister so much.

Thanks son for being nice. Thank you for being more mature and reponsible than any 8 year olds (or 18 year old) whom I know. Thanks for for smiling even the day has been bad.


tasy said...

aww..i have a note like that too. thanks! i know it's from you though it was signed anonymous. and the flowers, how sweet....


goolypop said...

Smell the note..I wiped my ass with it just now. N tge flower? There r chocolates in between..wat kind of chocs? Up to ur delusional mind..


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