Sunday, January 8, 2012

What happened to us?

Admittedly, when i got married to papah, "happily ever after" wasnt exactly a sure thing. How can people who claim that or something along the line of "found my soul mate" be so sure of forever love? I am not a sceptic, but not a dreamer either. I got married with a mind set of, "lets see where this brings us."

Over the years, we made adjustments, cranked up the tolerance level or just bear with whatever that bugged us.

It was not easy.


Of late, i realised that we dont do that anymore.

We dont even try.

Or be bothered.

Simply because...

We have accepted each other of who we are. It's that or we have grown into more lovable beings. Not sure about me, but he is definately a greater husband, father - a person, in general as he aged.

"Will you hold my hand when we are old?" I asked him the other day because i know he hates questions like this.

"Yes, hon," he humoured me in a super irritating way because he knows I laugh like mad when he copies what others call their wives (read: COPIES, he never calls me dear, hon, darl, sweetie. He calls me OI... Or mama, like gooly)

But yeah.. I can see him holding my hand when we are old. Way much better than when i first met him, dated him, married him.

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Gargles said...

From my professional point of view, he had become a better person because of your presence in his life.

P/s: don't believe what I say, I'm drunk high today!


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