Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So..shes quite a pro crawler now. And all she wants to do now is to crawl! No chairs, no stroller, no carry..uh-uh...me wants crawl! Me wants crawl - she bawls.

As soon as she discovered the freedom to roam using her four limbs, she quickly explored all the nooks and crannies where ants and mites and dust and monsters lurk! Eeek! And she crawled under spaces where my butt wouldn't fit. Gah! And she climbed stairs and threatened to fall! Yikes! She wanted to touch forbidden stuff which i pressume she has been eyeing for the past 9 months. Bah! Itwas no fun at all for all of us who tail-gated her 24/7.

But then, it got better. She understands NO-NO better...make that slightly better. She knows my butt is big..that i cant rescue her if she got stuck under some impossibly small space.

She says HI by lifting her hand high up to reveal her armpit, Hitler style.

Try scolding her, and she gives you a pbbbbthhhh straight away. Baby's version of yayayaya..yada yada yada, i suppose.

Ten months old, i already wanted to tie her up on a cactus a few times.

Wanted! Not yet, ok....

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Anonymous said...

hahaha, i remember when you wanted to tie gooly on a cactus too.
gong xi fa cai!


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