Sunday, January 1, 2012


Two months before, he got an ipad 2 as a birthday present from his aunt. Can he be any luckier? You bet! He then went to Bangkok for 3 weeks. He knew on the actual day, he shoudlnt expect anything else.

Hence, when my sis asked, "What would you like for your birthday?", he gracefully announced that he doesnt need anything, because he has everything. And yet, cakes and pressies kept pouring in.

the most awesome cake!

Isnt that a beauty? Awesome-ness! That boy of mine is really blessed. The cake is bought by my dear friends, with a special request ( to the baker) of a Naruto head to be placed on top because they make efforts to get to know my son. Naruto, as you mau have guessed is his current fav tv show.

We bought him a cake too, but stinged on the design. It was just a plain ole trusty black forest. :)

And this morning, his godma came with pressies...

And tonight, another godma is organising a surprise party for him.

Celebrations after son, arent you special? You must be....

Happy 7, my dearest first born!

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