Saturday, December 10, 2011

Teeth sighted

The bottom one came first, like how it normally appears for many other babies. The night before, at a restaurant, she was sucha monster! I swore i didnt want to bring her out again (a self promise easily made and forgotten, of course).

A few days later, she was super cranky. Again! And ahbu discovered that she was sprouting the two front teeth. And we went, " wonder". Truth be told, i was kinda worried that i was raising a cry baby! And the storm kinda died down a little. She was chirpy and cute again. At least for a while.

And then, it was wuahhhh..wuuuuahhhh period again, and this time gooly announced that tooth no.3 is appearing on top. FYI, its a bit hard to see her top row teeth because...err...her bottom jaw/gum is more prominent.

So we tilt her to the back when we wanna check for teeth alert. Alas, we saw tooth no.4, again on top, today! (she was duper whiny yesterday, in the car, stuck in the infamous bangkok jam! Gawd!)

Thus, now she has very imbalanced sprouted teeth. 4 on top, only one at the bottom. She's all cute when she smiles as she flashes her one and only visible pearly white.

And now we know, whenever she cranks up, its a tooth she's growing. Ouch! Poor baby.

For the record, she was really good during the flight, sleeping throughout the 2 hour. Phew! And we went chatujak today. So major brave of us, eh? She was all cuddly cute again - getting all the attention from the friendly locals.

We *heart* bangkok. Always. Again and again!


Small Kucing said...

How many months old now? Wow..the gigi come out just in time for makan makan in Christmas and CNY lo

goolypop said...

Sudah 8 fast hor? Chrismas apa plan?


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