Sunday, December 18, 2011

the most considerate person i know

...would be my own son.

When someone is asleep or nursing an illness, he is always very considerate to shut the door quietly, whisper softly, turn down the volume of the tv, and sometimes even tip toe around the room. Just today, papah had a bad tummy ache (bummer! On a sunday! Ish!). He said we could have lunch nearby and just hang out at home "since papah is sick." eventhough we are on a holiday. Boy! I was more sour about being stuck at home!

When he needs something you are using, he will bring another item in exchange for the one he is eyeing on. Say for example, when i am in bed comfortably on a pillow, he would fetch me another before he grabs away the one he wants. And he is courteous to ask first, "Mom, do you mind changing this pillow with me?" eventhough i took HIS pillow at the first place.

When both of us need to take a dump, he would ask if I REALLY need to go. If he coukd hold his pee/poo, he'd let me go first. Thats very gentlemanly of him. He also lets me in into the house whenever i am carrying stuff or baby. "After you, " he says.

He helps me automatically to either push or keep the stroller. He opens the car door for me. I just told papah the other day that he should learn from his son on being a better man.

There are more examples of how chilvarous he is but I guess it matters not that I list them down.

Gooly, my perfect gentleman - thats what you are.

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