Monday, December 12, 2011

The holiday thus far..

...has been nothing but fun fun fun!

First off, lolly was exceptionally good during the flight! *doing the indian jiggy jive* Yes!!

The weather has been realllllly fantastic! Yesterday was down to 19 degrees in the morning. The kids wore hoodies, me in long sleeve, papah being macho, just in his normal tee - we took a walk to our neighbourhood mootun stall. Normally back home, we would have sweated a bucket, having pores like Spongebob, but here...nope, not even a drop of perspire!

Every morning, the kids and i idle the hours away. Sorry papah has to go work. We take a stroll downstairs, do a bit of cartwheels, laugh a lot. Lolly takes a nap while gooly watches telly or read. It's such a joy watching him having fun that learning the timestable is right at the bottom of the totem at the moment.

And then we decide what to eat. Every meal has been either orgasmic, satisfactory or awesome. Nothing less.

We met up with Ada and family the very next day we arrived. My sweet girl was a bit shy, but gooly said to give her time to warm up. True enough, the following day, the two of them got on like they were never separated. Sweet.

Lolly, meanwhile, was slightly cranky on the first two days, probably due to her emerging teeth and also lack of sleep. But now, she is getting really comfortable with the new schedule. Many people adore her, saying she's naalak (cute) despite not being sure about her gender. Well, as we all know, the thais never mind much about you being a man, woman, neither, either...Yes, lolly is cute but people dont tell us that back home. Cos they always think their kids are the cutest (hah! Admit it!) Thais are generous with compliments. They are also more affectionate. Every where we go, people are smiling, touching, saying hello to my baby.

Whats next? The beach, farm and shopping!

Dont miss us too much! Try -lah, at least, ok?


Gargles said...

I don't miss you... AT ALL!


Anonymous said...

sounds like the kind of place i will indeed be happy in. you are right. ;)

Anonymous said...

and... lolly is really CUTE too!!


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