Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lolly screams

Lolly is such a screaming banshee that she can be classified as a first class noise pollutant. If you hear or see a shout for no reason babe at the mall, park, library - yep, thats her. But if you are a male, do not go near her. She's gotten wary of men. Good! Thankfully, she adores her dad despite not seeing him that often. i'm telling ya..the dresses he bought her made a whole lot of difference of how selective she can be.

She wallops just about everything we feed her. Drinks water from the spoon like a pro. Heck, she eats like a pro. She's born to eat! Finished a quarter of a small apple, and wanted more. So...yep, she screamed.

I didnt know she could sit till Winn plopped her on the table. Well, not really sitting..more like hunching over.But thats worth mentioning cos apparently Winn believes that the next time I leave Lolly with her, she will magically walk (Lolly, not Winn). But before that..she crawls..backwards. And she propels forward, kinda like a frog. And if she doesnt have much room to explore her new found skill..yep..she screams.

She also grunts like a troll. Great entertainment for the whole family. Before that she could do the longest ppppbbbbbtttth sound complete with saliva spewing. But that was so last week. This week is grunt and growl...sounds that make her monstrously cute.

She kinda weaned herself off finger sucking. Kinda..not entirely. She still sucks her fore finger prior to sleeping, but stops as soon as she is asleep. The finger is not perpetually in the mouth like how it used to. That's a relief in a sad way. Relief cos I was told it's so much harder to quit finger sucking than pacifier. And we may need to chop her finger off (my friend is obviously not in the correct mental health to suggest any parenthing tips). Sad cos that was her signature pose. Something that made me smile all the time.

Most importantly, when she sees me, she smiles mega big., like I'm special and fantastic like that. Ok, I convieniently left out some people. She smiles whenever she sees ama, korkor, papah.. the whole gang who plays with her. So we are all her favourite things in the world.

So there..a happy, contended baby who screams for joy. A summary of Lolly's life thus far.

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Gargles said...

i can scream too! hope my kids think i look so cute...


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