Friday, August 23, 2013

blog coma

Yup..that says it all. Havent been blogging for so long, if your tities grow, they should reach the ground.

So what happened was that I briefly mentioned about this blog to a new friend, and she gave a very kind remark that made me think, "say..what did I blog that deserved such kind words." And I did what scientists do, read up on what I wrote. was nice reading back the craps.. (worthy craps) I wrote. I should remember that I write to remember.  I shouldnt stop. For me, the kids and the entire human race. has been a good 6 months since the last post?  Where do I begin? How about telling my trip to Mars that didnt take place? No..that would be braggy.

How about the diary of the 2 yr olds?

And the life of an 8 yr old?

Yes..writing about them. The whole purpose of this blog.

I'm sorry I abandoned you. But ayam back.

I shall log in a proper pc and edit and post pictures. Tonight...we celebrate my love for you ~

1 comment:

tasy said...

*yawn* you are back in action again meh...

i give you 3 posts maximum...


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