Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gooly's Piano Lessons

It has been..what? 6 months? 7 months? since Gooly started his piano lessons. Only? Hmm.. Somehow, it had seemed awfully long.

Not that he plays very well, but to me, it's pretty awesome-lah for someone who has just picked up a new skill. More so that I do not have any musical background whatsoever.  He is not even graded yet. And we are so not rushing into that. I just want him to enjoy playing.

Which he does. Some mornings, while waiting for his majesty's masticated fruit/vege juice, he runs his fingers through the Ebony and Ivory, longing to play but is afraid the sound of music would wake his baby sister up. Some days, he couldn't resist.. so he would adjust the pedal for a softer tone, and start to play a song or two. I smile, I honestly do when the music..HIS music stirs the otherwise still and quiet morning.

He does the same when he comes back from school. Straight to the piano, hits the keys and hums a tune. Still in his uniform. I have nagged so much about washing up first to no avail that I finally just relented and let him play in dirt and grime.

When I do house chores, I do enjoy the piano accompaniment. And giving him the task and responsibility to be the sole music provider has given him much pride. So much so that he likes 'performing' for guests.

Now that.................... is .......a.......... bit......tricky.

Cos you see-ah, he is not Mozart level yet-lah, let's admit. I just feel all weirdy that he wants people to hear him play. I dunno.. I have always been told that kids LOATHE being the object or source of entertainment.


So the next time when you bought a ticket to our palace, you may just be requested to sit back and relax and enjoy the music...

of OLD MACDONALD in staccato.

You don't mind, right? Eh the boy very enthusiastic, ok! Don't break his heart ..


Small Kucing said...

does tickets comes with ear plug :p

goolypop said...

wah.. auntie..hou mm pei min wor! Give u mike force you to sing along!


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